a poem

By: slackdisast

Oct 20 2013

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by minnesota fats

This is a nasty business.
I got mixed up in a crime
And someone’s dead.

I found my sweetie in 2012, my one and only.
It was the new beginning for me,
and who cares how it ends.
She was so good to me, better than all the rest.
How could I imagine living without her?
The beginning could be for ever.
Always my life could be just beginning.

She took me home.
Breakfast is on its way, sir, they told me.
I said hurray!
Dessert is for breakfast again,
they told me, and I couldn’t stop laughing thru the afternoon.

And that night while the chef squeezed out the letters
on tomorrows new best cake, I thought,
when will it end?  How will it end?  How will I stand it?

So the next day at breakfast I smiled and bowed.
Underslept, I cut the new cake and the crowds cheered
I poured out the milk and my girl kissed me on the cheek.
I raised my glass and we sang:

 There is a wonderful place
    Where u dream long
    And the nites dont stop…

Tonite I will remember what happened.
I’ll remember the taste of her lips
and I’ll remember, of course,
the milk.
And if it’s the same tomorrow,
I’ll spit it all
over the petunias.

Sure enough it was the same.
The milk and the crowd
the kiss and the cake and I turned one
on the other, vomiting happily thru the flowers.

And I’m all in, of course.
The letters on the cake,
which I had never read before,
told me:

And the crowd cheered,
and we crossed out the words with our fingers,
licking the blue frosting

I cried I was so happy.
We left the stage to hear them disappearing into the gobs and trumpets.

And in the darkness
My sweetie licked the vomit from her lips
and kissed me as she fell to the ground.
She thanked me for the cake
and for my cheek,
my knees
and my feet.


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