Tuesday Night Something

By: slackdisast

Nov 09 2011

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Tuesday Night Something

I just do it

Nike say i’m a shoe-in

Like to say I’m a Jordan, but I’m more than a Mike could do with

Who is that?  Who is this

Slack dude foolin?

Usin black lingo don’t mean u rap fluent.

Quick 1,2 and he turn around, burnin wax,

Kids all ask ‘you heard of slack?’

Heard he as dirty as third graders with thirty racks .

Man x 30 hundred like bernie mac.

“Certainly that’s, too absurd to be factual”

Actually, no, I heard that even the national

geographic is

attackin the dude for spittin like animalistic.

His attorney’s gone ballistic.

But he’s got nothin to say, he just listenin,

sat in the corner, eyes closed, cuz this bliss is

blistering.  Some kids’ll kiss rings

kiss ass.  He only kiss things that kick back.

He only kiss things that kiss back.

I wish more kisses could kick like Disast.

When the beat hit wax

Kings get jiggy, everything gets prettier

Any damn voice get wittier, more hideous

Beautifully insidious.

Who put the streets in the cities?  Us citizens.

Who be the giver gonna be the recipient.

Some  spend 50 grand on their hair

But them folks will only ever dance for a mirror

I’ll always prefer to see 50 hands in the air

In a land with no God, a dance is a prayer

In a land with no God, a dance is a prayer

On the lam with no goddamn man to fear

No Pilate (pilot).  I pilot like that’s Pan-Am in ‘ere (air)

And that’s Panama on your right.  Shit’s banana’s, dear.

Welcome to my heaven.  It happened here.

Up in this room where nobody could ban it there’s

just you, me and a mic and a band in here

It’s just tuesday night, dude, it’s been happenin years.

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