By: slackdisast

May 17 2015

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John’s fist bangs too hard on the oak.

And for a moment, the thick metal
Circuitry can be seen
Gleaning from underneath his skin.
The mechanism, initiated by
The shoulder, quickly attempt
To stabilize.
The levers
that pull the lips quiver with new fuel.
But nonetheless they have revealed themselves
to the remaining board members.
The eldest man
Slides his fingers through white hair.
Softened with age and yet
            There are no second chances
            At Wilbur, Wilbur, Regis & Li.
John stares with violence
into the cold metal eyes of
“my good friend Bernard”,
Dark folds in the pupils
Betray the shimmer of foreign gold.
And so the table watches like passengers on an already-moving train,
John’s counter argument for the diversification of regional assets softening
with each silent turn of the wheels.